Character Bios

Sheriff Jake Sully -- A former soldier turned law enforcement. Personality mild, with a keen understanding of danger -- but not of strange or supernatural events.

Charlotte "Charlie" Reese -- The lead reporter for the town newspaper. Independent, tough, and shrewd, focused on tracking down the answers to any story -- no matter how unbelievable.

Annabel -- Wise beyond her years. A perceptive little girl with a strange sense for things just outside of normal.

Christine -- A fugitive from the law. A target for someone dangerous. A girl far from her past and hunted at every turn ...

Jack -- Local troublemaker. A high school student on the verge of juvenile delinquincy whose trouble may be bigger than he bargained.

Tori -- Jack's girlfriend. A good girl getting caught up in another's dangerous path.

Judith Troy -- Calculating, clever, and a cougar in designer clothes. A widow with plans in mind other than community organization.

Cindy Troy -- Young, hardworking, kind-hearted, left an orphan by her father's death, with her fortune and future in jeopardy.

Mrs. Hoffman -- The local "witch." The kind brewing something in the basement besides homemade jellies and love charms, that is.

"The Streaker" aka John Doe -- Found naked and wandering. And what he remembers about himself ... and doesn't remember ...  is part of something much bigger than himself.

"Randolph" aka The Schoolyard Lurker -- Creepy. Seemingly innocent. Oh-so polite. He's not just passing through town anymore.